Tsunami Update

12:55pm Solomon Islands time

  • Vessel Location: Luti Bay, Choisel
  • Approximately 72Nm (nautical miles) from Gizo
  • Red Cross continue the charter of the vessel
  • Vessel visited a number of villages, including Kakaza Village
  • Main damage along Choisel coastline from wave, not earthquake. “Wave strip out houses” according to Nixon. Damage everywhere.
  • Heading on to Papara, about 14km away
  • To Sassumunga this afternoon
  • 12 people on board including Red Cross persons and representatives from Kastom Gaden
  • 50 bags rice & noodles.
  • (News from Iriri Village on Kolombangara: wharf destroyed and now under water; new church (was under construction) completely destroyed; most houses damaged, some destroyed)
  • Peter Lynch received email from Red Cross in Honiara. They wish to continue chartering of the vessel next week. They would be pleased for the Australian Govt to charter the boat. “Because decisions take time to be reached we can not wait but to reach people needed to be reached.”
  • We remain unsuccessful with our suggestions to the Aust Govt to directly charter the vessel and make it available to the disaster. Dorrigo community (town where the boat builder, Pelena Energy, is based) is showing continued support and encouragement.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

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