Tsunami Update

9:58am Solomon Islands time

  • Vessel location: Taekurae Village on Simbo
  • The Pelena Express jet boat has travelled this morning from Gizo to villages on Ranonnga and then to villages on Simbo.

The boat is presently at Taekurae Village on Simbo. Nixon reports:

  • The village is completely wiped out. Remains of buildings scattered across ground.
  • Another person (an elderly woman) died this morning.
  • The boat brought a doctor from Gizo. Many injured.
  • They are using a loud speaker from the boat to call people down from the nearby hills — but people are too scared to come back to the beach at this stage fearing another wave. The doctor has therefore gone up into the bush
  • The boat delivered about 30 large bags of rice & clothing to Ranonnga and 40 bags rice plus clothing to Simbo
  • One of the SI patrol boats has visited Simbo since the quake. Difficulties getting goods to shore because the patrol boat must anchor in deep water. Hardly any canoes left, so people cannot get out to the patrol boat.
  • The Pelena Express boat can go directly to the beach
  • Ranongga island appears to have lifted up, by maybe 4 metres. Much coral exposed.
  • The boat is taking some people back to Gizo. I could hear much coughing in the background.

6:45pm Solomon Islands time

  • Vessel Location: Noro
  • Today travelled from Gizo to Ngaidavla and Keara Villages and others on Ranongga. Delivered Rice & clothing.
  • Then to Taekurae and Lengana Villages and others on Simbo. Delivered rice and clothing
  • Then back to Gizo. Total 1 tonne of rice delivered plus clothes, buckets, noodles, & biscuits.
  • Nusutupe Airfield (Gizo) opened for landing of Hercules aircraft. Pelena Express shuttling supplies from airfield to Gizo township (the airstrip is on its own island)
  • Total estimated travel today 200km
  • Pelena Express first aid delivery to most villages
  • People very hungry
  • Boat presently in Noro. Hercules just flew overhead, probably heading back to Henderson (Honiara)
  • Back to Gizo tomorrow. National Disaster Committee (NDC) meeting in Gizo tomorrow. Nixon to make representation.
  • Nixon very hungry and tired.
  • In Australia, Peter Lynch’s local MP, Mr Luke Hartsuyker, has sent a letter to Canberra by post today. Upon requesting more immediate contact be made, Mr Hartsuyker informed Peter Lynch that the Aust Govt will not directly engaged any business. We are confused this has not been taken up as we were immediately “on the ground” at the time of the earthquake with a unique boat, access to fuel, and communication via satellite phone, HF & VHF radios.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

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