At Townsville

At 12pm E.S.T they were passing by Proserpine, making great progress today. They have taken to port in Townsville at 7:20pm E.S.T. and are hoping to be in Cairns by lunchtime tomorrow, weather permitting of course! They will need plenty of time to prepare in Cairns for the open sea leg across to Milne Bay in PNG and then it’s a bit of island hopping to, and in, Solomon Islands to reach their destination in the Western Province. Sorry no photos yet, but they tell me they have seen many giant turtles and lots of dolphins. What a trip eh? Counted 29 bulk-freighters (ships) near Mackey - exporting coal we understand. Massive brown algal slicks started to become more regular.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

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Last updated Sunday, November 12, 2006