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Pelena Express is up to any challenge

Pelena Express is a ferry service operating in the South Pacific. Our ferry is a jet powered boat, able to access shallow areas where many villages are located without damaging the boat or the environment. This means publicly accessible transport for people and cargo in areas that have never had it before.

Pelena Express is currently registered in the Solomon Islands only. We are expecting, however, to expand into other Pacific countries in the near future. Our first vessel, the `Namita Rose', is now operating in the Western Province of Solomon Islands.

Our ferry has an extensive flat deck area for carrying passengers and cargo. This fantastic load carrying capacity of the Pelena Express boat, with its very shallow draught (40cm when idle, 20cm when at speed), allows the boat excellent access to many village beachfronts. When travelling on the Pelena Express, passengers and goods can board the vessel directly from the beach instead of transferring from a canoe. Yet it also performs well in the open ocean.

Pelena Express assists 2007 tsunami relief

Working for the Red Cross after the 2007 tsunami

In April 2007, an earthquake and tsunami struck Solomon Islands. The `Namita Rose' was not damaged in the earthquake and resulting tsunami, although it’s home port and operational routes are in the heart of the devastated areas. The Namita Rose was been instrumental in the relief operations in the Western Province. It was chartered by the Red Cross to provide access to affected villages.

For more information about the role of Pelena Express in the relief effort, visit our news pages.


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